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Internet of Things Security Multistakeholder Process – Learn More

This fall, NTIA will convene its first multistakeholder meeting on security upgradability for the Internet of Things (IoT). The goal of the new multistakeholder process will be to promote transparency in how patches or upgrades to consumer IoT devices and applications are deployed. Potential outcomes could include a set of common, shared terms or definitions that could be used to standardize descriptions of security upgradability or a set of tools to better communicate security upgradability.

This process will be open to any interested stakeholder. Participants in the first meeting will scope the issue for the community, and set a tentative agenda for the process. The exact date and location are not yet set. If you would like to be informed of ongoing developments, you can sign up below.

If you have any questions, please contact Allan Friedman at For media inquiries, please contact or 202-482-7002.

Please notify me about this multistakeholder process.