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The Internet is the essential tool for communications, work, education, civic engagement, and maintaining connections with friends and family. More Americans than ever before are engaging with the digital world. With this increased online presence, however, comes greater exposure to data collection and usage practices that are potentially harmful to one’s data privacy, such as location data monetization, facial image scraping, and online profiling and tracking.

The National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) is the President’s Principal advisor on telecommunications and information policy issues. In this role, NTIA studies and develops policy on the impact of the Internet on privacy. Recognizing these challenges, NTIA is committed to:

  • Ensuring everyone in America benefits from strong privacy protections and safeguards against misuse and exploitation of their data.
  • Protecting the privacy of the most vulnerable among us, ensuring that those who are at the greatest risk are shielded from predatory practices.
  • Establishing the United States as a global leader in online privacy, setting a standard for the protection of individual rights.

NTIA will advance policies that not only respond to current issues but anticipate and mitigate future privacy challenges. Through active collaboration with stakeholders across government, industry, and civil society, NTIA aims to develop robust privacy frameworks that foster innovation while ensuring that digital technologies uphold and strengthen democratic values for a safer, more secure digital future for all Americans.

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NTIA Virtual Listening Sessions to Explore Data Privacy, Equity and Civil Rights

December 13, 2021

Every day, personal information is used to make important decisions: about what advertisements we see, what types of health care is offered in our communities, and what fields of study our educational institutes believe we are best suited for.

The collection, processing, and sharing of personal information can create serious risks for everyone. For racial minorities, people living with disabilities, people living in poverty, and other marginalized and underserved communities, the risks can be especially acute.

For example, advertisers can both intentionally and inadvertently use digital tools that allow for harmful discrimination in ad targeting, potentially reproducing historical patterns of discrimination in areas such as housing or employment opportunities. Even when targeting criteria does not directly use traits such as race or gender, proxy indicators of these characteristics can nonetheless perpetuate discrimination.

The Biden Administration has made it a clear policy priority to advance racial equity and support underserved communities. As public policy discussions around privacy continue to advance, it is apparent that robust privacy protections are critical to achieving this goal.

NTIA Virtual Listening Sessions on Personal Data: Privacy, Equity, and Civil Rights

January 03, 2022

NTIA hosted three listening sessions concerning Personal Data: Privacy, Equity, and Civil Rights. NTIA will also be soliciting written comments on the topics discussed in these sessions through a forthcoming Request for Comment. The data gathered through this process will be used to inform a report on the ways in which commercial data flows of personal information can lead to disparate impact and outcomes for marginalized or disadvantaged communities.


Remarks of Acting Assistant Secretary Rinaldo at the Data Privacy Conference USA 2019

Good morning. It’s great to be here at the National Press Club. I was here just last week for NTIA’s annual spectrum policy event. It was a really terrific event, and like today, it’s made all the better because we’re just one block from my office. I’d like to thank Forum Global for inviting me to speak today and for putting together a great program. Later this morning NTIA’s privacy policy specialist, Travis Hall, will be speaking on a panel about data innovation. Travis has been a key leader working on privacy at NTIA, so I think everyone here will really benefit from hearing his thoughts on these issues.
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