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Research and Evaluation

The Technology Opportunities Program (TOP) research and evaluation initiative is comprised of : (1) independent, third-party program evaluation, (2)  individual project-level evaluation, and (3) sponsored research.

TOP  Program Evaluation: External evaluation reports of TOP provide an assessment of the impact that TOP funds had on the organizations implementing the projects and the communities served.  They report findings with regard to the effects that the projects have had at the local and national levels.  Study findings also provided a basis for program improvements and laid the foundation for improved collection of program data.  The reports of surveys, case studies, and data collection instruments are available on  this site.

Grantee Project Evaluation: TOP required all grant recipients to conduct evaluations of their projects. The final project evaluation reports have been prepared by a variety of evaluators, ranging from independent university specialists to internal staff evaluators. The final evaluation reports of most of the projects funded by TOP are available on-line.

Sponsored Research: On June 23, 1998, NTIA issued a Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) soliciting proposals for research and evaluation relating to the diffusion of telecommunications and information technology applications in the public and non-profit sectors. TOP made five awards based on this BAA, the details of which are available here.

Evaluation Guides: Responding to requests for assistance in developing evaluation plans, TOP contracted for the development of evaluation guides. Guides are available in four areas: Community Networking and Services, Lifelong Learning and the Arts, Health, and Public Safety.

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