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Spectrum Management Training Course

1-day NTIA Spectrum Management Training Classes

NTIA is developing individual 1-day classes covering specific subject areas. Listed below are our proposed initial offerings.  We will add other classes as requested by federal agencies and individual students. Note that we have not yet determined when these classes will be offered, but hope to present them on a regular basis throughout the year.

Federal Spectrum Policy Development: This class will cover the “Why’s and How’s” of federal government spectrum policy and management as they apply both domestically and worldwide.

Presentations will be given on the U.S. legislative process and international and worldwide forums and negotiations. In addition, NTIA’s procedures and structures will be covered, in addition to engineering and testing capabilities, as they apply to policy implementation.

The Federal Government and International Spectrum Management: This class will describe the processes and players in the global regulation of spectrum, from U.S. based intra-governmental coordination and industry consultations to international negotiations in regional spectrum management groups (CITEL) and global, inter-governmental organizations (the International Telecommunication Union).

The NTIA Certification and Assignment Processes: This class will cover the processes NTIA uses to certify systems, equipment and spectrum, culminating in frequency assignments. 

Representatives from the Interdepartment Radio Advisory Committee and its sub-committees will describe the IRAC’s role in the spectrum management process. The class will included demonstrations of the various software packages used in the spectrum management process.

Spectrum Measuring, Monitoring and Enforcement : This class will cover both the needs and requirements for measuring spectrum use and characteristics prior to and when applying for frequency assignments.  Representatives of selected federal agencies will discuss and demonstrate the importance of monitoring spectrum after obtaining frequency assignments.

These classes are offered for free (no tuition fee)

Specific dates, registration information, and additional information for these classes will be posted as they as they become available.

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For additional questions regarding NTIA’s spectrum management training programs, contact:

Eric Rosenberg
National Telecommunications and Information Administration
Office of Spectrum Management