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Internet Policy

As the Executive Branch agency responsible for advising the President on telecommunications and information policy issues, NTIA is committed to the continued growth of the Internet. As the Internet evolves, new challenges emerge. Working with other stakeholders, NTIA is developing policies to preserve an open, interconnected global Internet that supports continued innovation and economic growth, investment, and the trust of its users. This multistakeholder model of Internet policymaking – convening government, the private sector, and civil society to address issues in a timely and flexible manner – has been responsible for the past success of the Internet and is critical to its future.

Among other efforts, NTIA plays a leading role in the Commerce Department's Internet Policy Task Force, which is conducting a comprehensive policy review related to online privacy, copyright protection, cybersecurity, and the global free flow of information with the goal of ensuring that the Internet remains open for innovation.

NTIA also actively leads and participates in interagency efforts to develop Internet policy. In addition, NTIA works with other governments and international organizations to discuss and reach consensus on relevant Internet policy issues.

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Rwanda Recap: U.S. Support for Multistakeholder Internet Governance at ICANN80

July 1, 2024

By: Alan Davidson, Assistant Secretary of Commerce & NTIA Administrator  

The importance of the multistakeholder system of Internet governance was on full display last month in Kigali, Rwanda during the ICANN80 High Level Government Meeting (HLGM) and Policy Forum. I was delighted to lead the U.S. Delegation to the HLGM, participate in ICANN’s forum, and meet with leaders from around the world in support of that multistakeholder system.

Assistant Secretary Davidson and the NTIA team join emerging African leaders for an NTIA-sponsored United States Telecommunication Training Institute program in Kigali, Rwanda in June 2024.

The HLGM brought leaders together from a wide array of countries to discuss Internet governance and the crucial role that governments play in shaping policy for the Internet’s global Domain Name System. While governments are always represented at ICANN, the HLGM is designed to bring in Minister-level representatives from each country. In a way, the HLGM is an opportunity for Ministers to experience the multistakeholder system at work.

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