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NTIA launches new website for C-SCRIP

NTIA’s Communications Supply Chain Risk Information Partnership (C-SCRIP) has launched its new website, in time for Infrastructure Security Month in November. This updated site is a one-stop shop for resources on improving the security of your organization’s supply chain, both physical and digital.

The new site offers the following:

  • Supply chain security resources;
  • Dedicated page to 5G and Beyond technologies;
  • Dedicated page to NTIA’s Internet for All programs;
  • More information about federal grant programs, free training sessions, and events;
  • RSS subscription for regular updates; and
  • Mailing list sign-up for additional information, including the bi-monthly C-SCRIP Update.

C-SCRIP – created by NTIA at the request of Congress – brings together the federal government, telecommunications companies and equipment suppliers to share information about supply chain security risks.

Keeping the nation’s critical infrastructure safe is important to our national and economic security. The C-SCRIP information-sharing program demonstrates NTIA’s commitment to assisting small, medium, and rural communications companies in identifying and managing threats to their operations. 

Any questions or comments about the C-SCRIP program may be directed to