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NTIA Celebrates April as National Supply Chain Integrity Month

This April marks the 6th annual National Supply Chain Integrity Month. NTIA and its Federal partners are pleased to participate in this campaign to raise awareness of the threats to supply chains, the resources available to mitigate such threats, and ways to build resilience to future risks. 

This year’s theme is “Supply Chain Risk Management – The Recipe for Resilience.” The “recipe” for improving an organization’s resilience involves several key ingredients:  

  • Acquisition security,  
  • Information security,  
  • Insider threat mitigation, and  
  • Cybersecurity.  

A comprehensive supply chain risk management (SCRM) program allows an organization to better understand its risk profile and where and when to implement mitigations throughout the supply chain lifecycle.     

A “Recipe for Resilience” builds upon ongoing efforts by the U.S. Government and industry partners to rebalance global supply chains and make them more transparent, secure, resilient, and trustworthy. NTIA, the Department of Commerce, and other Federal agencies will host events and release new tools throughout the month of April, reflecting our collective commitment to Supply Chain Integrity Month. These events and products will raise awareness on key supply chain topics such as microelectronics, critical minerals, space, cloud, zero trust architecture, venture capital risk management, cross-border supply chain risk management, and SCRM best practices. 

To stay up-to-date on NTIA’s supply chain risk management activities, visit and sign up for the C-SCRIP bi-monthly newsletter. NTIA will continue to provide updates on supply chain efforts through the C-SCRIP newsletter, this blog, and NTIA social media accounts. Any questions or comments about the C-SCRIP program may be directed to