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NTIA Looks to Stakeholders to Help Shape its International Agenda

June 4, 2018
David J. Redl, Assistant Secretary for Communications and Information and NTIA Administrator

Giving voice to all stakeholders in an open and transparent decision-making process is a core goal of NTIA’s international engagement. We are working on a number of issues, from protecting the availability of WHOIS information to pushing for more effective membership oversight of the International Telecommunication Union. As we look to further build out our international agenda, we want to hear from stakeholders about the critical global policy areas we will face this year and beyond.

In a notice of inquiry, we are asking all interested stakeholders – businesses, civil society groups, the technical community, academics, and the general public to provide us with comments and recommendations. The input we receive will inform NTIA's international Internet policy priorities going forward.

While we are open to comments and policy suggestions on any issue, we have identified four broad topic areas and some key questions we think are especially important:

  • The Free Flow of Information and Jurisdiction. Governments around the world are blocking access to websites, curtailing online freedoms and imposing restrictions on the free movement of data. These restrictions threaten to undermine the economic, social and educational benefits of the Internet. How should the U.S. government push back on these practices? And how can we engage with partners more effectively?
  • Multistakeholder Approach to Internet Governance. NTIA has been a strong advocate for the multistakeholder approach to Internet governance and policy development. What more can NTIA do to promote this approach? Within ICANN’s Governmental Advisory Committee, NTIA has been working on issues related to preserving access to WHOIS domain name registry services in light of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Are there any other activities related to the domain name system that NTIA should pursue? How can NTIA raise national awareness about our longstanding engagement in the Internet Governance Forum?
  • Privacy and Security. Cybersecurity risks pose a threat to security and can hinder economic growth and innovation. This global problem cannot be solved in isolation, and will require international coordination. We want to know more about how threats to privacy and security – and governments’ responses to those threats – are impacting international commerce.
  • Emerging Technologies and Trends. NTIA’s policy efforts related to new and emerging technologies is possible only because of dedicated engagement from American industry. We want risk-taking American entrepreneurs to have access to global markets for their digital products and services. We expect that in the coming years, our focus will increasingly be on artificial intelligence, automated workforces, blockchain technologies and more. We want to know how we should participate in international discussions of these issues.

All stakeholders are invited to comment and suggest specific goals and actions that could be taken to achieve those goals. Comments are due July 2, 2018. With your help, NTIA will continue to do everything in its power to protect and promote an open and interoperable Internet, advocate for the free flow of information, and strengthen the global marketplace for American digital products and services.