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Enhancement of the .us Domain Space

Docket Number

PLEASE NOTE: The following document is a Notice announcing an electronic mailing list for public discussions regarding the future management and administration of the .us domainspace. Though it is not intended or expected, should any discrepancy occur between the document here and that published in the Federal Register, the Federal Register publication controls. The document is being made available through the Internet solely as a means to facilitate the public's access to this Notice.



Docket No. 980212036-9125-05

Enhancement of the .us Domain Space, Notification of Open Electronic Mailing List for Public Discussions Regarding the Future Management and Administration of the .us Domain Space

AGENCY: National Telecommunications and Information Administration, Department of Commerce.

ACTION: Notice

SUMMARY: Notification is hereby given that the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) has established an open electronic mailing list for public discussions regarding the future management and administration of the .us domain space. Participation in the mailing list is open to all members of the public interested in discussing the issue.

DATES: The mailing list(1) will remain open until August 12, 1999.

ADDRESSES: To subscribe to the mailing list, send an electronic mail to and in the body of the message type: join us-list.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Karen Rose, NTIA/OIA, (202) 482-1866. For technical inquires, contact

SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: On August 4, 1998, NTIA published "Request for Comments on the Enhancement of the .us Domain Space," 63 Fed. Reg. 41547 (1988) (also posted at The RFC sought comments regarding the future administration and management of the .us domain space. That comment period was extended on August 24 to afford interested parties a full opportunity to address the issues on which NTIA solicited public comment. See 63Fed. Reg. 45800 (1998).

On March 9, 1999, NTIA hosted a public meeting regarding the future management and administration of the .us domain. See 64 Fed. Reg. 6633 (1999). Approximately 60 participants attended the meeting, including the current .us administrator, current .us registrars, educators, representatives of the technical, public interest and business communities, state government officials, officials from Federal Government and representatives of foreign governments. The discussions focused on four main topics: 1) the current administration of the .us domain space, 2) issues and opportunities facing the current and future management of .us, 3) possible models for future .us management, and 4) possible next steps for going forward. See The meeting resulted in a thoughtful and constructive exchange of ideas about range of issues regarding current and future .us management. Meeting participants were strongly in favor of engaging in further discussions and requested that NTIA establish an electronic mailing list to help facilitate the interchange. This notice announces that NTIA has set up the electronic mailing list.

In an effort to afford the public an open forum in which to freely discuss the broad range of issues regarding the .us domain space, NTIA will not actively moderate the mailing list, but staff will follow the discussions. NTIA requests, however, that participants keep discussions focused on issues related to the future management and administration of the .us domain space. Digest archives of mailing list discussions may be posted periodically on the NTIA web site at The views expressed in the mailing list are not necessarily endorsed by the Department of Commerce or NTIA. Moreover, the Department of Commerce and NTIA reserve the right not to post comments that the Department of Commerce or NTIA deems inappropriate.

Kathy Smith
Acting Chief Counsel

1. Routine maintenance of NTIA computer systems may render the list inactive for short periods of time.

Comments Received:

Available on the legacy site here.

May 10, 1999