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06/04/2013 FirstNet Board Meeting Agenda

May 31, 2013

FirstNet Logo

First Responder Network Authority
Board Meeting Agenda

June 4, 2013
Westminster Hotel, Cotton II Room
10600 Westminster Blvd, Westminster CO 80020
8:30 – 9:30 am MST

  1. Call to Order (Chairman Ginn)
  2. Roll Call (Uzoma Onyeije)
  3. Minutes of the May 8, 2013 Special Board Meeting
  4. General Manager’s Budget Presentation
    - Resolution on the General Manager’s Budget Proposal
  5. General Manager’s Organizational Structure Presentation
    - Resolution on FirstNet’s Organizational Chart and Personnel Specifications
  6. Resolution on National Environmental Policy Act Implementation
  7. Presentations
    - Special Review Committee Update (Wellington Webb)
    - BTOP Update (Sue Swenson)
    - Outreach & Consultation Update (Jeff Johnson)
  8. Next Steps (Chairman Ginn)
  9. Adjourn 

--This agenda is subject to change --