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NTIA Seeks Public Comments Regarding Joint Project Agreement with ICANN

October 29, 2007

Management of Internet Names and Addresses

NTIA will consult with interested stakeholders regarding the mid-term review of the Joint Project Agreement (JPA) between the Department and the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).  The Notice of Inquiry (NOI) was published in the Federal Register on NOvember 2, 2007. Comments are due February 15, 2008.

NTIA and ICANN signed the JPA on September 29, 2006.  The JPA has a three-year term and provides for the Department to conduct a mid-term review of the agreement.  The Department will consult with interested stakeholders to assist in conducting this mid-term review of ICANN’s progress in meeting the responsibilities outlined in the JPA and by ICANN’s Board. 

Comments Received Week ending January 11, 2008:
Steve DelBianco, Executive Director, NetChoice Coalition (Acrobat PDF 166 Kb)

Comments Received Week ending January 18, 2008:
Andrew Mack (Acrobat PDF 18 Kb)
Faik Farmanov, Director of IntraNS (Acrobat PDF 13 Kb)
Peter Dengate Thrush, Chairman of the Board of Directors, ICANN (Acrobat PDF 727 Kb)
  · ICANN Submission Supporting Documents (Acrobat PDF 24,027 Kb)

Comments Received Week ending January 25, 2008:
Jim Dempsey, Policy Director, Center for Democracy and Technology (Acrobat PDF 51 Kb)
Mike Drips (Acrobat PDF 24 Kb)
C. Daryl Edwards (Acrobat PDF 10 Kb)

Comments Received Week ending February 1, 2008:
Lucia Todaro (Acrobat PDF 11 Kb)
Bill Manning, Partner, USMIR - the registry for .UM, Operator, B.ROOT-SERVERS.NET (Acrobat PDF 16 Kb)
Chris Disspain, CEO - auDA (Acrobat PDF 75 Kb)
Lesley Cowley, Chief Executive, Nominet (Acrobat PDF 175 Kb)
Margie Milam, General Counsel, MarkMonitor, Inc. (Acrobat PDF 3,095 Kb)

Comments Received Week ending February 8, 2008:
Anthony Mugambi, Chairman, Kenya Network Information Centre - KENIC (Acrobat PDF 190 Kb)
Errol Hewitt (Acrobat PDF 10 Kb)
Thomas Lenard, President and Senior Fellow, iGrowthGlobal (Acrobat PDF 38 Kb)
Andrew Mancey (Acrobat PDF 10 Kb)
Rudi Daniel, Independent Consultant, St Vincent & the Grenadines (Acrobat PDF 10 Kb)
Nigel Carty, Minister of State, Ministry of Finance, Sustainable Development, Information and Technology, St. Kitts and Nevis (Acrobat PDF 10 Kb)
Jeffrey Williams, Spokesman for INEGroup LLA. (Acrobat PDF 13 Kb)
Jeffrey Williams, Spokesman for INEGroup LLA. (Acrobat PDF 13 Kb)
Karl Peters (Acrobat PDF 16 Kb)
Internet Society of Australia (Acrobat PDF 40 Kb)
Robert Hutchinson, Networking Products Architect (Acrobat PDF 361 Kb)
Nelly Stoyanova, Director of Information Society and IT Directorate, State Agency for IT and Communications, GAC Representative for Bulgaria (Acrobat PDF 12 Kb)
Lezlee Westine, President & CEO, TechNet (Acrobat PDF 44 Kb)
Milton Mueller, Internet Governance Project (Acrobat PDF 59 Kb)
Victor CIZA, .bi ccTLD Administrative Contact, Burundi (Acrobat PDF 404 Kb)
Stefano Trumpy, Italian ISOC Chapter President (Acrobat PDF 49 Kb)
Emily Hackett, Executive Director, Internet Alliance (Acrobat PDF 30 Kb)
Karl Auerbach, Former North American Director Elected to the ICANN Board of Directors, CTO Interworking Labs, Director, Domain Name Rights Coalition (Acrobat PDF 41 Kb)
nj_shore_south (Acrobat PDF 08 Kb)
International Chamber of Commerce (Acrobat PDF 93 Kb)
Hamida Benlemlih (Acrobat PDF 11 Kb)
Ray Toth (Acrobat PDF 11 Kb)
Luo Yang (Acrobat PDF 11 Kb)
Eduardo Santoyo (Acrobat PDF 11 Kb)
Sulaiman Alansary (Acrobat PDF 11 Kb)
Mark Stickx Doyle (Acrobat PDF 11 Kb)
Andrew L Johnson (Acrobat PDF 11 Kb)
Donald L Johnson (Acrobat PDF 11 Kb)
Carlo N Cosmatos (Acrobat PDF 11 Kb)
Daniel Gillespie (Acrobat PDF 11 Kb)
Timothy McGinnis (Acrobat PDF 11 Kb)
Hartmut Richard Glaser (Acrobat PDF 11 Kb)
Nacho Amadoz (Acrobat PDF 11 Kb)
Dr. Krish Pillai (Acrobat PDF 11 Kb)
Emma Johnson (Acrobat PDF 11 Kb)
Martin Levins (Acrobat PDF 11 Kb)

Comments Received Week ending February 15, 2008:
Danny Younger (Acrobat PDF 40 Kb)
Milton Ponson (Acrobat PDF 11 Kb)
Khaled Koubaa (Acrobat PDF 11 Kb)
Robin Gowin (Acrobat PDF 11 Kb)
Jon Donnelly (Acrobat PDF 11 Kb)
David Wrixon (Acrobat PDF 11 Kb)
Lt Col BGV Kumar Retd (Acrobat PDF 11 Kb)
Jorge Garcia Gil (Acrobat PDF 11 Kb)
Henrik Nilsson (Acrobat PDF 11 Kb)
p. Ashok Kumar (Acrobat PDF 11 Kb)
Sabri Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed Ali (Acrobat PDF 11 Kb)
Hawa Diakite (Acrobat PDF 11 Kb)
Elsir Ali Saad (Acrobat PDF 11 Kb)
Mahmoud Lattouf (Acrobat PDF 11 Kb)
Marwan M. Radwan (Acrobat PDF 11 Kb)
Charles Shaban (Acrobat PDF 11 Kb)
Fergal Murray (Acrobat PDF 11 Kb)
Nii Quaynor (Acrobat PDF 11 Kb)
William J Quinn (Acrobat PDF 11 Kb)
Didier Rukeratabaro (Acrobat PDF 11 Kb)
Sophia Bekele, Former GNSO Board Councilor, Executive Coordinator .Africa (Acrobat PDF 101 Kb)
Roelof Meijer, CEO, SIDN (Acrobat PDF 63 Kb)
George Sadowsky (Acrobat PDF 18 Kb)
Sophia Bekele (Acrobat PDF 11 Kb)
Jacek (Acrobat PDF 11 Kb)
B.Burmaa, Director of .MN Registry, Datacom (Acrobat PDF 39 Kb)
Peter Van Roste, General Manager, CENTR (Acrobat PDF 104 Kb)
Oscar Robles-Garay (Acrobat PDF 11 Kb)
Andrey Romanov, Director, Coordination Center for TLD RU (Acrobat PDF 113 Kb)
Rhett Dawson, President, Information Technology Industry Council (Acrobat PDF 167 Kb)
Rhonda A. Steele, President, International Trademark Association (Acrobat PDF 1,302 Kb)
MANIK (Acrobat PDF 15 Kb)
Coalition for Online Accountability (Acrobat PDF 193 Kb)
Grant L. Clark, Sr. Vice President & Chief Administrative Officer, VeriSign (Acrobat PDF 190 Kb)
•  Dr. Richard Lamb (Acrobat PDF 31 Kb)
•  Lynn St.Amour, President and CEO, Internet Society (Acrobat PDF 30)
•  Number Resource Organization (Acrobat PDF 64 Kb)
•  Ibaa Oueichek, Syrian Telecom Establishment (Acrobat PDF 430 Kb)
•  Koki Higashida, President, Japan Registry Services Co., Ltd. (Acrobat PDF 23 Kb)
•  Luis Manuel Ramirez Perches (Acrobat PDF 15 Kb)
•  Khaled Fattal, Chairman and CEO, Live Multilingual Translator (Acrobat PDF 79Kb)
•  Margarita Valdés Cortés, Chair, Latin American and Caribbean Top Level Domain Organization (Acrobat PDF 44 Kb)
•  Olaf M. Kolkman, Chair, Internet Architecture Board (Acrobat PDF 21 Kb)
•  David W. Maher, Public Interest Registry (Acrobat PDF 18 Kb)
•  Philip S. Corwin, Counsel, Internet Commerce Association (Acrobat PDF 91 Kb)
•  Robin D. Gross, Executive Director, IP Justice (Acrobat PDF 25 Kb)
•  Staffan Jonson, Head of Section, Policy on Internet Governance, Ministry of Enterprise, Energy and Communications, Division for Information Technology Policy, Sweden (Acrobat PDF 16 Kb)
•  Fabricio Vayra, Senior Counsel - Intellectual Property, Time Warner Inc. (Acrobat PDF 21 Kb)
•  Keith Davidson, Executive Director, Internet Society of New Zealand, Inc. (Acrobat PDF 59 Kb)
•  Sam Mosenkis, VP of Legal Affairs, American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (Acrobat PDF 13 Kb)
•  Leigh Williams, President, BITS; Richard M. Whiting, Executive Director and General Counsel, The Financial Services Roundtable (Acrobat PDF 83 Kb)
Rafael Ibarra (Acrobat PDF 11 Kb)
Alexander Rosenstn (Acrobat PDF 11 Kb)
Rithma Fonseka (Acrobat PDF 11 Kb)
Ming-Cheng Liang (Acrobat PDF 11 Kb)
Ajit Sharma (Acrobat PDF 11 Kb)
Jacob Malthouse (Acrobat PDF 11 Kb)
Ahmed Saied Al-Qaifi (Acrobat PDF 11 Kb)
Jacqueline A. Morris, Trinidad and Tabago (Acrobat PDF 16 Kb)
Michael Bartholomew, Director, European Telecommunications Network Operators' Association (ETNO) (Acrobat PDF 115 Kb)
Frederico Neves, NIC.BR (Acrobat PDF 11 Kb)
Michael K. Kirk, Executive Director, American Intellectual Property Law Association (AIPLA) (Acrobat PDF 38 Kb)
Government of Japan (Acrobat PDF 23 Kb)
Ousmane Berthe (Acrobat PDF 11 Kb)
Han Qiang (Acrobat PDF 11 Kb)
Thierry Moreau, CONNOTECH Experts-conseils, inc. (Acrobat PDF 51 Kb)
Beau Brendler, Director, Consumer Reports WebWatch, and member, ICANN at-large advisory committee (Acrobat PDF 14 Kb)
Carlton A Samuels, Member, Latin America & Caribbean Regional At-Large Organization (Acrobat PDF 18 Kb)
Wolfgang Kleinwachter (Acrobat PDF 10 Kb)
Albert H. Daniels (Acrobat PDF 11 Kb)
Angus Stanley (Acrobat PDF 11 Kb)
Patricio Poblete (Acrobat PDF 11 Kb)
Royderitz Tati (Acrobat PDF 11 Kb)
Edward Hasbrouck (Acrobat PDF 23 Kb)
Ina Gudele, Minister of Special Assignments for Electronic Government Affairs, Latvia (Acrobat PDF 516 Kb)
Anthony Harris, Executive Director, CABASE Argentina (Acrobat PDF 12 Kb)
Naveed-ul-Haq, Assistant Director, PTA Headquarters (Acrobat PDF 12 Kb)
Mme Fatimata Seye Sylla, Presidente de l'ONG Bokk Jang Bokk Jeff Senegal (Acrobat PDF 16 Kb)
Manal Ismail, Director, International Technical Coordination, Egypt's GAC Representative, National Telecom Regulatory Authority, Egypt (Acrobat PDF 33 Kb)
J. Andrew Coombs, General Counsel for the International Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition (Acrobat PDF 19 Kb)
Garth Bruen, Project KnujOn (Acrobat PDF 661 Kb)
Gerald J. Kovach, Senior Vice President, External Affairs, NeuStar (Acrobat PDF 41 Kb)
Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) (Acrobat PDF 117 Kb)
Michael L. Smolens, Chairman & CEO, dotSUB LLC (Acrobat PDF 30 Kb)
Dr. Robert D. Atkinson, President, Information Technology & Innovation Foundation (Acrobat PDF 40 Kb)
Raul Landa (Acrobat PDF 11 Kb)
Ray Fassett (Acrobat PDF 11 Kb)
Roberto Vargas (Acrobat PDF 11 Kb)
Leslie Allinson (Acrobat PDF 11 Kb)
Naveed-ul-Haq (Acrobat PDF 11 Kb)
Clara Collado (Acrobat PDF 11 Kb)
Francisco Arias (Acrobat PDF 11 Kb)
Luis Sergio Valle (Acrobat PDF 11 Kb)
Wolfgang Kleinwaechter (Acrobat PDF 11 Kb)
Kamel Saadaoui, Chief Executive, Tunisian Internet Agency (Acrobat PDF 28 Kb)
Leonard J. Cali, Senior Vice President-Wireless Services, International Affairs & Strategy, External Affairs, AT&T Services (Acrobat PDF 164 Kb)
Joshua S. Bourne, President, The Coalition Against Domain Name Abuse (Acrobat PDF 103 Kb)
Byron Holland, President & CEO, Canadian Internet Registration Authority (Acrobat PDF 2,139 Kb)
Qusai Al-Shatti, Deputy Chairman, Kuwait Information Technology Society (Acrobat PDF 12 Kb)
Nat Cohen, President, Telepathy, Inc. (Acrobat PDF 53 Kb)
European Union Troika Reprsentatives (Acrobat PDF 117 Kb)
Lynn Goodendorf, Global Head of Data Privacy, InterContinental Hotels Group (Acrobat PDF 13 Kb)
Edna Samudio de Jaen, Manager & Technical Contact ccTLD .pa (Acrobat PDF 08 Kb)
Phil Bond, President & CEO, Information Technology Association of America (Acrobat PDF 72 Kb)
Thomas Lowenhaupt, Inc. (Acrobat PDF 28 Kb)
Stevan Mitchell, Vice President, Intellectual Property Policy, Entertainment Software Association (Acrobat PDF 284 Kb)
Peter M. Robinson, President & CEO, United States Council for International Business (Acrobat PDF 152 Kb)
Jonathan L. Nevett, Vice President and Chief Policy counsel, Network Soltions, LLC (Acrobat PDF 1,049 Kb)
George C. Newstrom, Chairman, WITSA (Acrobat PDF 266 Kb)
John Coletta, Assistant Vice President, Legal Affairs, BMI (Acrobat PDF 18 Kb)
Nashwa Abdelbaki, .EG Registry (Acrobat PDF 60 Kb)
Tim Ruiz, Vice President, Corp. Development & Policy, The Go Daddy Group, Inc. (Acrobat PDF 58 Kb)
Richard Nessary, Associate General Counsel, eBay Inc. (Acrobat PDF 29 Kb)
Government of Canada (Acrobat PDF 99 Kb)
Cheryl Langdon-Orr, Chair, At-Large Advisory Committee, ICANN (Acrobat PDF 202 Kb)
Sabine Dolderer, CEO, DENIC (Acrobat PDF 25 Kb)

(Comments Filed Late)

Comments Received Week ending February 22, 2008:
Bryce F. Nutter (Acrobat PDF 11 Kb)
Dragoslava Pefeva, ISOC Bulgaria (Acrobat PDF 11 Kb)
Debbie Garside (Acrobat PDF 11 Kb)
Ali Naci Tun (Acrobat PDF 11 Kb)
David Hollander, General Manager, Asia Pacific Top Level Domain Association (Acrobat PDF 56 Kb)
Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (Acrobat PDF 18 Kb)
Maui Sanford, President, PITA (Acrobat PDF 724 Kb)