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NTIA will post all code it writes to generate statistics featured on Data Central. One such program is import-ntia-cps, a program used to read the fixed-format CPS Computer and Internet Use Supplement datasets supplied by the Census Bureau and prepare them for use with statistical software. Another is create-ntia-tables, used to generate the Analyze Table of summary statistics used with Data Explorer. Additionally, we will post code used to generate all numbers used in our Digital Nation Blog posts.

Currently, all code is designed for use with Stata. Contact the Data Central team at with any questions.

File Stata® Posted
Cutting the Cord: NTIA Data Show Shift to Streaming Video as Consumers Drop Pay-TV 05/22/2019
Unplugged: NTIA Survey Finds Some Americans Still Avoid Home Internet Use.” 04/15/2019
Digital Divide Among School-Age Children Narrows, but Millions Still Lack Internet Connections 12/11/2018
Most Americans Continue to Have Significant Privacy and Security Concerns, NTIA Survey Finds 08/20/2018
Mapping Computer and Internet Use by State: Introducing Data Explorer 2.0 10/27/2016
Digitally Unconnected in the U.S.: Who’s Not Online and Why 09/28/2016
The State of the Urban/Rural Digital Divide 08/10/2016
New Insights into the Emerging Internet of Things 06/15/2016
Lack of Trust in Internet Privacy and Security May Deter Economic and Other Online Activities 05/13/2016
Evolving Technologies Change the Nature of Internet Use 04/19/2016
First Look: Internet Use in 2015 04/04/2016
create-ntia-tables 04/04/2016
import-ntia-cps 04/04/2016
Majority of Americans Use Multiple Internet-connected Devices 12/07/2015

Language and Citizenship May Contribute to Low Internet Use Among Hispanics 11/17/2015
Introducing NTIA Data Central 10/29/2015