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Privacy Report - Contributing Authors and Acknowledgements



Chief Counsel

Barbara S. Wellbery


NTIA's Office of Chief Counsel, the office responsible for this report, would like to express our appreciation, first and foremost, to the contributors.


Contributing Authors

Steven Balkam

Donald Baker

Collin Bennett

Andy Blackburn

Karen A. Metivier Carreiro

Mary Culnan

Lorrie Cranor

Esther Dyson

Lori Fena

Mary Ellen R. Fise

Mary Clare Fitzgerald

Sarah Fitzgerald

Robert Gellman

Janlori Goldman

Irene Hashfield

Lance Hoffman

Joseph Kattan

Frank Kuitenbrower

Ken Laudon

Duncan McDonald

Robert Merold

W. Todd Miller

Deirdre Mulligan

Eli Noam

Shelley Pasnik

Henry Perritt

Paul A. Seader

Carl Shapiro

Peter Swire

Hal Varian

Gigi Wang

Alan Westin


Contributing Organizations

America Online, Inc.

American Express

Bell Atlantic

Direct Marketing Association

Dunn & Bradstreet



Reader's Digest

US West


We also would like to thank our colleagues who have helped in various ways to make this report a reality. Paula J. Bruening carried the greatest burden as she was responsible for reviewing the papers and for the extensive follow through necessary to get the final document printed. Also providing assistance at various stages of the production were Jana Gagner, Paige Darden, Dan Davis, Kelly Levy, Cynthia Rich, Roanne Robinson, J. Beckwith Burr, Penelope Richey, Harriette Smith, and Josephine Johnson. We extend a special thanks to Arthur J. Altenburg for the document's layout and typesetting.