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Spectrum Frequency Band Hub

Welcome to the NTIA Frequency Band Hub, a centralized resource for accessing critical information and updates on various frequency bands managed by the NTIA. This hub provides streamlined access to KML files and regulatory updates for each frequency band, ensuring that all stakeholders, including government officials, the FCC, commercial entities, and the general public, can stay informed and access the latest data efficiently.

Frequency Bands: 

Explore the detailed pages for each frequency band to find specific information and access all relevant KML files.

  1. 3450-3550 MHz Band
    1. The 3450-3550 MHz band is critical for expanding wireless broadband services, enabling advanced technologies while balancing federal and non-federal usage.

      Click here to access the 3450-3550 MHz Band files. 

  2. 3550-3650 MHz Band
  3. 5.9 GHz Band 

File Feed: Each frequency band page includes a comprehensive feed of all uploaded KML files, providing the latest updates and regulatory information. Accessing these files is crucial for stakeholders to stay current with spectrum management and regulatory changes.

How to Use This Hub:

  • Select a Band: Click on the links above to navigate to the specific page for each frequency band.
  • Access Files: On each band page, you will find an overview and a detailed feed of all KML files available for download.
  • Stay Updated: Ensure you have the latest information by regularly checking the feeds for new uploads and updates.

Additional Resources:

For any inquiries or further information, please contact Nick LaSorte at