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Spectrum Management Advisory Committee

The Commerce Spectrum Management Advisory Committee (“CSMAC”) advises the Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Communications and Information at NTIA on a broad range of issues regarding spectrum policy and on needed reforms to domestic spectrum policies and management to enable timely implementation of evolving spectrum-dependent technologies and services to benefit the public. The members are spectrum policy experts, appointed as “Special Government Employees” from the private sector and balanced in terms of their points of view. Committee members offer expertise and perspective on reforms to enable new technologies and services, including reforms that expedite the American public’s access to broadband services, public safety, digital television, and long-range spectrum planning.

The Department of Commerce created the CSMAC following a recommendation made in President Bush’s 21st Century Spectrum Policy Initiative.

This initiative for improving management of the nation’s airwaves will help ensure continued U.S. leadership in wireless technologies while ensuring the country’s homeland security, national defense and other critical governmental needs.

The CSMAC recommends approaches and strategies that enable the United States to remain a leader in the introduction of new wireless technologies, while at the same time providing for the expansion of existing technologies and ensuring that the country’s homeland security, national defense, and other critical government needs are satisfied.

The CSMAC was organized and operates under the provisions of the Federal Advisory Committee Act. It held its first meeting in 2006.