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Spectrum XXI Training Classes

The Office of Spectrum Management of the National Telecommunications & Information Administration (NTIA) offers training on spectrum management software that assists non-DOD Federal Government spectrum managers, contractor support personnel, and others involved in the engineering of radio frequency assignments.


The Spectrum XXI software assists non-DOD Federal spectrum managers in the process of engineering and nominating frequency(ies) for the submission of new frequency proposals in addition to creating submissions for the modification or renewal existing frequency assignments.

Spectrum XXI includes several engineering programs, such as point-to-point and coverage plots with terrain features. It provides the required compliance checks required for frequency proposals submitted to NTIA. For those agencies working with unclassified material and have agreements with NTIA, Spectrum XXI interfaces with the NTIA Spectrum XXI server, allowing for automatic tracking and reporting the status of frequency proposals as they progress through the frequency assignment process.

Spectrum XXI is a desktop client application that runs under the Microsoft Windows.

Registration and Eligibility

Eligible applicants will be chosen from U.S. Government agencies and contractor personnel nominated by Federal agencies.

Students should be aware of NTIA Spectrum Management processes and at a minimum possess a basic understanding of what Spectrum XXI is, as this class is designed to teach the Spectrum XXI software and does not spend much of time explaining Spectrum Management.

We require that requests for training come through the student’s agency IRAC Frequency Assignment Sub-committee representative and be submitted to In the request, we will need an email address, contact number and agency of the student applicant.

Course Materials

As the course is taught on-line, students will only need web browser or Microsoft Teams on a personal computer to participate in the class.

Training material and software referred to during the class will be provided to the students as appropriate.


Spectrum XXI training sessions are available only to employees of the Federal government and their contractors. 

NTIA reserves the right to refuse the request for enrollment based on space available or to cancel an enrollment for an applicant who cannot demonstrate that they have the support of their agency’s national frequency management office (e.g., agency IRAC representative), and are currently employed by the Federal government or as a contractor for the Federal government.


There is no tuition fee for this class.

Additional information

Student time commitment:

The training is scheduled from 0800 to 1600 (Eastern Time) daily for the week of training, Students are expected to attend each session in its entirety.

Student technical facilities:

We recommend that students use their personal computer rather than a government one. While this is not a requirement, students that have used personal computers to conduct the training have reported having a better experience than those that use agency provided computers. There is no classified or CUI data used in this training.

We also recommend the following:

  1. Students have two monitors to conduct the training. The training is possible with one screen, but there is a good bit of back and forth referencing material to accomplish tasks.
  2. A reliable headset. Quality communications with the class and the instructors is critical to the training.

Contact for Spectrum XXI Training:

Lawrence D. Kidd Jr.
NTIA Frequency Assignment Branch
U.S. Department of Commerce
Gettysburg, PA 17325
717-549-4537 (Office)
202-596-4662 (Cell)
202-482-1133 (Fax)