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us Meeting Agenda and Presentations (March 15, 1999)


National Telecommunications and Information Administration

Future Management and Administration of the .us Domain


10:00 am Welcoming Remarks - Becky Burr, Associate Administrator of NTIA
10:10 am .us Today - Overview of current management and structure of the .us domain space - Presentation by Zita Wenzel, University of Southern California, Information Sciences Institute
10:30 am .us Issues and Opportunities - An open discussion of the issues and opportunities facing the current and future management of the .us space - Presentation of Views followed by an Open Discussion moderated by Becky Burr, NTIA
12:30pm Lunch
2:00 pm Models for Management - An overview of models for domain space management followed by an open discussion on how the models function to address the issues and opportunities associated with .us domain. How do these models inform our thinking about future .us management principles, possible management schemes, and the future design, use, and administration of the name space?

Robert Hall - Overview of the .ca domain model
Leo Campbell - US Postal Service model
Antony Van Couvering - "USADNA" model
Kathryn Kleiman - "DNRC Public/Private" model

Open Discussion moderated by Elliot Maxwell, Department of Commerce, and Karen Rose, NTIA

3:30 pm Going Forward - An open discussion on the next steps for the management and administration of the .us space. We will attempt to summarize the issues, opportunities, and possible solutions identified throughout the day and focus on the possible elements, policies, or other solutions that could be implemented as part of future .us administration and management. Open Discussion moderated by Becky Burr, NTIA and Brian Kahin, Office of Science and Technology Policy
4:30 pm Closing Remarks

Room 4830, US Department of Commerce