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Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO 2) - Open Radio Commercialization and Innovation

America’s Wireless Innovation Fund:Securing Our Future

This NOFO is the second in a series that NTIA will issue and administer under the Public Wireless Supply Chain Innovation Fund (Innovation Fund). This NOFO is divided into two topic areas: open radio unit (RU) commercialization and open RU innovation. Throughout this document, open RU commercialization is referred to as “specific research focus area 1” (SRFA 1) and open RU innovation is referred to as “specific research focus area 2” (SRFA 2). A brief description of each SRFA is below:

  • SRFA 1: Accelerating the development of open RU products to the point where they meet carrier needs and are ready for commercial trials; and
  • SRFA 2: Improving the overall performance and capabilities of open RUs through targeted research and development.

Applications in response to this NOFO must address either SRFA 1 or SRFA 2. A single application cannot address both SRFAs. If an application is submitted addressing both SRFAs, it will be rejected.. Applicants interested in applying for both SRFAs must submit a separate application for each SRFA. Applicants may only include one project per application, regardless of SRFA. Individual submissions containing multiple proposed projects will be rejected. Each applicant may submit a maximum of one SRFA 1 application and three SRFA 2 applications. Each SRFA 2 application must address at least one, and may address more than one, topic area listed in Section 3.3.1.

NOFO 2 – Open Radio Commercialization and Innovation

Download the NOFO for more about who can apply and next steps.



Eligibility varies for each SRFA. SRFA 1 eligibility is found in Section 2.2.1 and SRFA 2 eligibility is found in Section 3.2.1.

Anticipated Amounts

NTIA will award up to $420,000,000 under this NOFO. The amount of funding NTIA expects to award per project differs by SRFA, as follows:

  • SRFA 1
    • NTIA expects to award $25,000,000-$45,000,000 per project.
  • SRFA 2
    • NTIA expects to award $5,000,000-$10,000,000 per project.

Cost Sharing/Matching

There is a 10% minimum cost share requirement for SRFA 1. SRFA 1 applicants who provide a cost share above 15% will receive favorable weighting of their application during Programmatic Review. See Section 2.2.3 and Section 5.1.3 of this NOFO for more information.

SRFA 2 applicants are not required to provide cost share. See Section 3.2.3 of this NOFO for more information.

Key Dates

Complete applications must be submitted through no later than 11:59 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) on July 10, 2024.

NTIA expects to make awards on a rolling basis.

Application Submission Address

Complete application packets must be submitted electronically through the website. Application packages or portions thereof submitted through postal mail, courier, email, facsimile, or other means will not be accepted. See Section 4 of this NOFO for detailed information concerning application submission requirements.

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May 07, 2024