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Technical Feasibility of Sharing Federal Spectrum with Future Commercial Operations in the 3450-3550 MHz Band

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Technical Report 20-546
January 27, 2020
Edward Drocella, Robert Sole, Nickolas LaSorte

As part of NTIA’s ongoing effort to identify candidate bands for repurposing to accommodate commercial wireless services, NTIA selected the 3450-3550 MHz band to study for potential sharing between federal systems and a variety of non-federal commercial wireless operations.  NTIA worked with the Department of Defense, which operates the federal systems in the band, to determine if commercial services could operate without causing impact to incumbent operations.  The report indicates that commercial operations would impact incumbent federal systems; however, spectrum sharing may be possible that provides both sufficient protection to incumbent operations and attractive opportunities for commercial business – subject to further analysis and deployment of innovative time-based sharing mechanisms.

Keywords: radar; interference; spectrum sharing; 3450-3550 MHz; airborne radar