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National Spectrum Strategy Request for Comment Responses

Developing a National Spectrum Strategy


The National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) requested input on the development and implementation of a National Spectrum Strategy for the United States. Through a Request for Comments (RFC), NTIA sought wide-ranging public feedback from all interested stakeholders, including private industry, academia, civil society, and the public sector. The RFC proposed three pillars and asked questions about the nation’s spectrum needs, how best to engage in long-term spectrum planning, and technology innovations that can help better manage the nation’s spectrum resources. (The RFC may be found here.)  Responses to the RFC were due April 17, 2023.  NTIA received over 130 written comments.

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Interested in discussing the National Spectrum Strategy? Let's Connect

Anyone wanting to meet with NTIA on issues pertaining to the National Spectrum Strategy can request a meeting by sending an email to nssmeetings@ntia.govPlease provide your name, your organization’s name (if applicable), potential dates and times for the requested meeting, and a short description of the matter(s) you would like to discuss. 

April 19, 2023