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Download NTIA Internet Use Survey Datasets

NTIA has made public use datasets available for every CPS Computer and Internet Use Supplement, as well as the Analyze Table of summary statistics used in the Data Explorer. All datasets are available in Stata, CSV, and raw/fixed formats, and are accompanied by official documentation produced by the Census Bureau (with the exception of the Analyze Table, with was created by NTIA and accompanied by documentation written by NTIA).

The Analyze Table is suitable for use with any spreadsheet program (when downloaded as a CSV file). The complete survey datasets, however, are quite large and may not work well with spreadsheet software. We strongly recommend reading the important notes posted in the Research Center before using these datasets, and suggest using suitable statistical software. NTIA has made datasets available in Stata® and CSV formats, and has also posted the original, raw/fixed format files made available by the Census Bureau. Code used by NTIA to convert the fixed format files into Stata® and CSV formats can be found on the code download page.

Dataset Stata® R CSV Fixed Documentation Posted
Nov 2021 nov21-cps.rds november-2021-techdocs.pdf 10/05/2022
Nov 2019 nov19-cps.rds november-2019-techdocs.pdf 07/10/2020
Nov 2017 nov17-cps.rds november-2017-techdocs.pdf 08/16/2018
July 2015 jul15-cps.rds july-2015-techdocs.pdf 04/04/2016
ntia-analyze-table.dta N/A ntia-analyze-table.csv N/A analyze-table-techdocs.txt 10/05/2022
July 2013 jul13-cps.dta jul13-cps.rds jul13-cps.csv july-2013-techdocs.pdf 10/29/2015
Oct 2012 oct12-cps.dta oct12-cps.rds oct12-cps.csv oct12-cps-fixed october-2012-techdocs.pdf 10/29/2015
July 2011 jul11-cps.dta jul11-cps.rds jul11-cps.csv jul11-cps-fixed july-2011-techdocs.pdf 10/29/2015
Oct 2010 oct10-cps.dta oct10-cps.rds oct10-cps.csv oct10-cps-fixed october-2010-techdocs.pdf 10/29/2015
Oct 2009 oct09-cps.dta oct09-cps.rds oct09-cps.csv oct09-cps-fixed october-2009-techdocs.pdf 10/29/2015
Oct 2007 oct07-cps.dta oct07-cps.rds oct07-cps.csv oct07-cps-fixed october-2007-techdocs.pdf 10/29/2015
Oct 2003 oct03-cps.dta oct03-cps.rds oct03-cps.csv oct03-cps-fixed october-2003-techdocs.pdf 10/29/2015
Sep 2001 sep01-cps.dta sep01-cps.rds sep01-cps.csv sep01-cps-fixed september-2001-techdocs.pdf 10/29/2015
Aug 2000 aug00-cps.dta aug00-cps.rds aug00-cps.csv aug00-cps-fixed august-2000-techdocs.pdf 10/29/2015
Dec 1998 dec98-cps.dta dec98-cps.rds dec98-cps.csv dec98-cps-fixed december-1998-techdocs.pdf 10/29/2015
Oct 1997 oct97-cps.dta oct97-cps.rds oct97-cps.csv oct97-cps-fixed october-1997-techdocs.pdf 10/29/2015
Nov 1994 nov94-cps.dta nov94-cps.rds nov94-cps.csv nov94-cps-fixed november 1994-techdocs.pdf 10/29/2015