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Utah Communications Authority

Utah will utilize its existing Statewide Interoperable Executive Committee (SIEC) and its recently established Broadband Subcommittee to implement the State and Local Implementation Grant Program (SLIGP).  The State plans to use the SIEC Broadband Subcommittee, its eight existing homeland security regions, and public safety professional organizations and associations, including the Utah Chiefs of Police Association, Utah Tribal Leaders Council, and Salt Lake City Police Alliance, as the primary vehicles for education and outreach to local jurisdictions.  The director of the Utah Division of Indian Affairs is a SIEC member, and the State will work with the director and a dedicated tribal outreach coordinator to engage its eight federally recognized tribes in public safety broadband planning efforts. 

SLIGP Grant Award

$1,782,235; Modified to $727,820

Non-Federal Match

$448,224; Modified to $181,955

Total Project

$2,230,459; Modified to $909,775

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Utah Communications Authority Board

POC: Jake Hunt, Interim Executive Director


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