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Federal Government Spectrum Use Reports 225 MHz – 7.125 GHz

Each band report presents publicly available information related to the various federal uses, including a narrative description, quantitative overview and graphical depictions of agency assignments. Each report includes the following five sections:
  1. An introduction summarizing the types of federal usage;
  2. An excerpt from the U.S. Table of Frequency Allocations showing the current U.S. allocations and the relevant international and U.S. footnotes that may authorize additional uses or impose limits on certain uses;
  3. A table listing the number and type of frequency assignments that NTIA has authorized and a pie chart showing the percentage of frequency assignments by general category;
  4. A summary of the major systems and applications using the frequency band or sub-bands; and
  5. A description of future uses of the band, where applicable.
The dataset used to produce these band reports is available in a variety of downloadable formats as of 12/01/2015. Each dataset includes information for all of the frequency bands from 225 MHz to 5 GHz and consists of the following data elements for each band: the federal agencies with frequency assignments in that band; the type of radio services operating in that band by the federal agencies; and the number of frequency assignments in that band held by the federal agencies. Also, a dataset for the 5-6 GHz band is available as of January 2017. A dataset for the 5925-7125 MHz band is available as of August 2017.

Band Reports Table

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